Erin Hunter's Warriors....

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Dark Forest

The Dark Forest is where the evil cats go when they have died.  There is no light here, not even from the stars, so all is cloaked in complete darkness.  They watch over the clans, waiting for a chance to wreak havok or seek revenge.  Sometimes they descend to earth, appearing in the dreams of young cats who might carry out their twisted plans. 


Topaz-Beautiful shimmering golden she-cat with piercing honey-colored eyes. She died chasing her sisters onto a Thunderpath and got hit by a monster. Became jealous and bitter at them because they were still alive and dedicated all her time to get them killed. She is extremely cruel. 

Darkshadow-beautiful black she-cat with yellow eyes. Her fate was ordained by StarClan since her birth, and caused her to be estranged from her younger sister, Moonshadow. She is constantly trying to harm Moonshadow and the ones she loves. (Formerly Lightshadow, though she decided Light and Darkness were two halves of the same).

Junglebreeze-handsome Bengal spotted tom with yellow-green eyes. He resembles Heroshadow, though is more exotic looking. His early death makes him very detached from his Clan. He became cruel and callous, and brought out the darkness in Lightshadow, who returned to being Darkshadow. He now views every slight he received as an apprentice as a great injury, and is bent on harming FireClan.

Heroshadow- Pure black evil tom with yellow eyes. Killed Tigerleaf's first a second litter of kits, though the first litter was his. Tricked Fireblaze into thinking Brackenslash was going to hurt his daughter. He broke the connection between Brackenslash and Tigerleaf, to achieve his own ambition: to become Tigerleaf's mate. Went completely crazy in the end and swore death to Fireclan. Plots in DF. Was killed by Brackenslash after he go exciled and given the new name: Heroshadow. Brackenslash killed him by landing a death bite on his neck then throwing him into the river.

Herodeath- Pitch black she-cat with yellow/green eyes.

Villainsoul- Pure white tom with scarlet colored eyes.

Whitear- A pretty she-cat that is white except for the tip of her tail which is black. She is a farmer LeafClan cat and loves to kill. She has the ability to go completely invisible when in the shadows and can temporarily be invisible, meaning she can't get killed because her blood has hardened to form an unbreakable shield, this only lasts for 2 minutes and can't be summoned again for a whole other day.

Leafclaw-brown and tan spotted she-cat with green emerald eyes her claws are oddly thick.She died because of a kitty-pet who was once a clan cat until she let the two-leg take him.

Shadowpelt-He's a light grey tom with ice blue eyes that seem to glow, Normally. But when he gets pummped or angry he's pelt turns black as night and his eyes turn yellow. While in this state he is much more powerfull then most cats and can turn invisible and intangible. But the intangibility only works for a moment and when his invisible. hes former clan was FireClan and he killed his mate, parents, and several other cats.

Killdeer-broad shouldered gray tom. He was very gentle and kind, despite his intimidating size. However, he fell in love with Moonshadow, the image of his first mate, Leandra. After she rejected him, he became angry and bitter. He died under mysterious circumstances, and was in StarClan. Darkshadow trapped him in the DF. 

Vacantsoul- Black and white she-cat with wispy, long, silky fur. Smart, and proud. Her mate was sent into pure darkness, after being killed twice. Now, she seeks revenge on FireClan. Mate- Bloodyfang (Deceased) Kits- Whisperwind and Pebblestream(creek)

Largemouth - a broad shouldered tom. He is very powerful and gets his name because of his wide mouth that show rows of teeth when he opens it. He is evil and died from his son, Daggerfin of leafclan.